About this course

Why take this course?

This course is a 101 on cloud computing. It takes you through the fundamentals of the cloud, covering all the important aspects of developing and deploying applications on a cloud platform.

The course is platform-agnostic and the concepts discussed apply to all the cloud platforms, be it AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, Netlify or any other. Once you are done with this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of the cloud.

After having spent a decade in the industry writing code, I firmly believe that every software engineer should have knowledge of cloud computing. It’s the present and the future of application development and deployment.

Be it on-premises or on a public cloud, every business prefers to run its services on cloud infrastructure due to multiple technical and economic reasons, which we will discuss in detail in this course. There is an ever-rising demand for cloud experts and having the knowledge of cloud computing gives you an edge over other engineers.

This course does not contain any code; instead, it includes a lot of illustrations to help you understand the concepts better. After going through this course, you’ll have all the required knowledge about the fundamentals of the cloud. You will be able to directly move onto more advanced courses in the domain such as DevOps, Cloud Architecture, and so on.

Who is this course for?

This course is meant for anyone looking to build a solid understanding of cloud computing and strengthen their fundamentals in the domain. There are no prerequisites for taking this course. No prior experience in cloud computing is required.

This course is for you if:

  • You aspire to be a cloud developer, a cloud architect, a DevOps engineer, a platform engineer, or you want to prepare for any other role in IT that has anything to do with cloud computing.
  • You plan to clear a cloud certification for any specific cloud platform like AWS, GCP, Azure and want to go through the fundamentals first.
  • You intend to take an advanced course in cloud computing such as cloud architecture, DevOps, site reliability engineering, and so on. This course will get you up to speed. You plan to build and run your startup on the cloud.
This course is continually updated and new content is added from time to time.

Course author

I am Shivang. I’ve been writing code for the past ten years professionally and fifteen years personally. In my career, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on large-scale internet services for some of the industry giants in several different domains, including E-commerce, Fintech, Telecom and others.

I’ve written applications from the bare bones, right from the idea to production. I’ve maintained code, as well as worked in the production support for systems receiving millions of hits every single day.

My last job was at HP - Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a Full-Stack developer in their Technical Solutions – R&D team.

In this course, I’ve tried my best to share the knowledge, insights and experience gained in my years of software development with all of you people!!

Here is my LinkedIn profile, in case you want to say hello!


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